Friday, 4 May 2012

MV 175 project - cases split - good and not so good

Found some time to go and see good friend and MV guru Dorian yesterday. I'd left my MV motor with him some weeks ago with my three legged puller gripping the flywheel desperately but not pulling it off. Dorian's puller is bigger, as is his gas torch, and he got the flywheel off. We spent an hour or two pulling down the rest of the motor yesterday, well Dorian did while I took the photos. His roofer's torch did the job, though the little motor need a lot of persuasion, and heat.

There's good and bad. Good that it's not all completely knackered and the bottom end has never been apart before. The cam is in good condition, incredibly. Crank is knackered and will need looking at. All bearings are shagged. It'll need a rebore - anyway, read more in Issue 5 of the mag coming soon..

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