Friday, 21 October 2011

We fade to grey (and silver)

I had to go to a couple of shops this morning in our local small town centre, and when I returned to the car, I was stopped in my tracks by this sight of around 10 cars parked up in line - all silver, or a shade of grey (including my own).

How bland have things got? I used to own a maroon Triumph Vitesse convertible and an Escort van painted sky blue with a dark blue Starsky and Hutch stripe painted down each flank. My dad's Cortinas were metal flake lime green and brown with added vinyl roof decadence. Nowadays it seems that unless you buy a red Ferrari, it's 'any colour you like sir, as long as it's silver or grey'..


Steven Salemi said...

I had a nice green 4-Cylinder Audi TT 1.8 Turbocharged Roadster, and when the 6-Cylinder came out I was so desperate that I talked myself into thinking that a) I could stand the "automatic transmission" (dual-clutch, DSG, paddle-shifters, sport mode -- it's STILL an automatic!) and b) I could stand the BLAND SILVER COLOR. MISTAKE!

When I bought my otherwise wonderful Moto Guzzi Griso 8V, I talked myself into thinking I could stand the bland white color. MISTAKE!

Adam's right -- bland is bland. Be careful man, don't do what I have done! Hold out for interesting exciting distinctive colors! Or colours, as you brits say.

oldmanjob said...

It is bland on this side of the pond also, and all the cars look alike, not like the 50's and 60's when each model was distinctive.
When I got my 09 V7C white was the only color available. It was cool in that at the local bike nights I was the only white bike in a sea of black HOG's, plus the only Guzzi, lol.

Bill Maier

David Bond said...

All of the "cowboys" around here, only buy white trucks. The only way that they know what truck is their's in a parking lot, is when they click the door lock fob, and their lights flash.

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Ha Ha!!