Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Moto Guzzi at 90: rumours in the sauna

The 90th anniversary bash has just taken place, and it appears that there have been announcements here and there about a new factory being built at the Mandello site with the old one being retained as a tourist attraction. Someone also spotted a photo playing as part of a presentation at an impromptu sauna session on the shores of the wonderful Lake Como (!) with Colannino, Piaggio chairman, that showed the current 1200cc 8v motor (as in the Stelvio and Norge) shoehorned into a V7 racer/Classic type frame. So looks like they'll be doing what everyone has been asking for, bigger motors with the retro clothes (even though it was denied tome personally three years ago.)

Anyway,  with sales up 31% on last year, things are on the up for Guzzi which is a good thing - though it must also be said that many owners would want that some money was reinvested in sorting out their attitude to customers needing spares or service after they've purchased a new Guzzi. I sometimes get to go on some Guzzi launches so will report any substance when I'm next out there.

Looks like Leo got to Mandello on his supercharged 500cc Falcone, which we featured in Issue Three, despite its appetite for pistons. Good job Leo!!

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