Friday, 19 August 2011

Mondial barn find

This is how I found my Mondial 175 about 8 years ago. Jelly mould tank, original decals and the motor ran after me spending a little time on it. It's now in pieces awaiting my attention. One day I'll ride it.


Nickname unavailable said...

Eight years ago!

I'd have to have that rebuilt in one year.

Want to sell it?

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

The last five years I moved from Italy back to the UK, bought a house (no garage..), did it up, got married, had a baby (the missus not me), and started a magazine...not much time for much else sadly. Hopefully it'll be done in five years! And no I'm not selling it but thanks for the offer!

Nickname unavailable said...

Wish you well with the refurb!

I like to buy one bike every year and rebuild it, and won't start another until that one is finished.

I have my eye on a another little Testi for this year.

I know far many folks that will buy, or get given bikes, fill up the shed, and not one of them ever gets the attention they need.

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Your system is right and what I used to do. My life's juts a bit too chaotic at the moment. Having no facilities at home is the worst offender..