Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hammer time!

My friend John W (who built the stunning Guzzi cafe' racer in Issue Two) came up from Bristol way yesterday to provide motivation and some tunes (Otis Taylor - 'Truth is not Fiction - what an album) for my Guzzi Le Mans 2 special.

Everything was going swimmingly until we discovered the front engine bolt is seized in. Solid. Luckily John had brought the special Guzzi tool no. 3865 for removing said seized bolts with him by strapping it on his back - so we cracked it out and got going. Hammer time! Suffice to say it didn't do the job, so we gave up, and like most frustrated Englishmen, decided the next best course of action was to retire to the local to discuss a course of action over a pint of fine ale. Then it was on to another local boozer which has regular bike nights. Only other Italian there was a 'chocolate' brown Jota. Royal Enfield Constellation was lovely, as were the two Indians, one of which (the blue Chief) I have ridden, and is a blast.

John then discovered he had no lights so a quick blast back before the sun came down and a last pint in my local before closing time. Thanks John for the help and a good time - hope you didn't get too wet on the way home......

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Guy@GK said...

Nice to see your S3 getting some action.