Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What it's all come down to

More than two decades of riding, crashing and rebuilding Italian motorcycles, 6 years spent living in Italy, 2 years spannering in freezing backstreet London bike shops and 16 years scamming a living in magazines and publishing have to come out in the mix somehow. The result is ITALIAN MOTOR magazine, and this is the blog for it. The point of the magazine is this - if it has a motor and comes from Italy, 2 wheels or 4, and whether it be a 1910 Frera, a '51 Fiat barchetta corsa, a '55 Rumi Sport, a '97 Bimota DB2 or a 2010 Ducati Multistrada, and I like it, and think it's worth photographing and writing about -  it'll be in the mag.

The magazine is due back from the printers at the end of May. Contact me if you'd like a copy. More details here:

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